Physical Review Letters

Hamiltonian Engineering with Multicolor Drives for Fast Entangling Gates and Quantum Crosstalk Cancellation

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Quantum computers built with superconducting artificial atoms already stretch the limits of their classical counterparts. While the lowest energy states of these artificial atoms serve as the qubit basis, the higher levels are responsible for both a host of attractive gate schemes as well as generating undesired interactions. In particular, when coupling these atoms to generate entanglement, the higher levels cause shifts in the computational levels that lead to unwanted ZZ quantum crosstalk. Here, we present a novel technique to manipulate the energy levels and mitigate this crosstalk with simultaneous off-resonant drives on coupled qubits. This breaks a fundamental deadlock between qubit-qubit coupling and crosstalk. In a fixed-frequency transmon architecture with strong coupling and crosstalk cancellation, additional cross-resonance drives enable a 90 ns CNOT with a gate error of (0.19±0.02)%, while a second set of off-resonant drives enables a novel CZ gate. Furthermore, we show a definitive improvement in circuit performance with crosstalk cancellation over seven qubits, demonstrating the scalability of the technique. This Letter paves the way for superconducting hardware with faster gates and greatly improved multiqubit circuit fidelities.