IEEE Photonics Technology Letters

Grating coupler embedded silicon platform for hybrid integrated receivers

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A hybrid integrated receiver on grating coupler-embedded silicon platform is presented. The platform fabricated on silicon-on-insulator consists of two grating couplers as an input and output. The active silicon layer thickness, pitch, and depth are 220, 560, and 70 nm in the grating coupler on the platform, respectively. The photodiode is integrated on the output grating coupler directly. The measured responsivity is 0.02 A/W at a reverse bias of 33 V. The performance of the hybrid integrated receiver is dependent on that of the platform. An intrinsic responsivity of the integrated receiver is 0.0055 A/W, which is corresponding to the transmission loss of 20 dB in the grating coupler embedded platform. In addition, the platform using 340-nm-silicon layer wafer has been discussed for further improvement. © 2011 IEEE.