Proceedings of SPIE 1989
Conference paper

Generation of coherent extreme ultraviolet and vacuum ultraviolet radiation using pulsed nozzles

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We describe the application of pulsed free jets for the generation of the third harmonic of laser radiation. Using a supersonic expansion of Xe we have frequency tripled an 18 MW beam at 354.7 nm to obtain 5 x 1011 photons/pulse at 118.2 nm, while for CO we have obtained 1 x 1012 photons/pulse at 98.5 nm for an input power of 2 MW at 295.6 nm. In the latter case the conversion efficiency is enhanced by a two-photon resonance via the CO A1 II state. A simple model is outlined for third harmonic generation in a free jet, and the predictions of this model are tested against experiment. © 1984 SPIE.