CHI 2023

GenAICHI 2023: Generative AI and HCI at CHI 2023

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This workshop applies human centered themes to a new and powerful technology, generative artificial intelligence (AI). Unlike AI systems that produce decisions or descriptions, generative AI systems can produce new and creative content that can include images, texts, music, video, code, and other forms of design. The results are often similar to results produced by humans. However, it is not yet clear how humans make sense of generative AI algorithms or their outcomes. It is also not yet clear how humans can control and more generally, interact with, these powerful capabilities in ethical ways. Finally, it is not clear what kinds of collaboration patterns will emerge when creative humans and creative technologies work together. Following a successful workshop in 2022, we convene the interdisciplinary research domain of generative AI and HCI. Participation in this invitational workshop is open to seasoned scholars and early career researchers. We solicit descriptions of completed projects, works-in-progress, and provocations. Together we will develop theories and practices in this intriguing new domain.