MM 2010
Conference paper

File-based media workflows using LTFS tapes

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While digital video cameras have existed for over two decades digital video cassettes are still the primary storage medium in professional video archives. One of the major inhibitors in the transition to file-based workflows and media archives is the lack of an affordable, portable and archive compatible storage medium for the vast amounts of content produced. We address this need by a) defining the Linear Tape File System (LTFS) tape format for storing files, file properties, hierarchical directories and extended attributes; b) building file system software that allows LTFS tapes to be used in the same way as portable storage devices and c) leveraging LTFS to create efficient file-based media workflows. In the exhibit we present LTFS on LTO-5 (Linear Tape Open, Gen 5) tapes. We demonstrate file-based workflows with storyboards, video proxies and partial video restore of MXF (Material Exchange Format) professional video content. LTFS on LTO-5 tape can be 20 times higher in capacity, 10 times faster and 40 times cheaper than digital video cassette media. Furthermore, it combines the benefits of tape-based and file-based workflows. The new tape format streamlines file-based production, from video capture and transport to long-term archive. The tape format and file system implementation are available as open source. © 2010 Copyright is held by the author/owner(s).