WOLTE 2016
Conference paper

Fast, high-fidelity readout of multiple qubits

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Quantum computing requires a delicate balance between coupling quantum systems to external instruments for control and readout, while providing enough isolation from sources of decoherence. Circuit quantum electrodynamics has been a successful method for protecting superconducting qubits, while maintaining the ability to perform readout [1, 2]. Here, we discuss improvements to this method that allow for fast, high-fidelity readout. Specifically, the integration of a Purcell filter, which allows us to increase the resonator bandwidth for fast readout, the incorporation of a Josephson parametric converter, which enables us to perform high-fidelity readout by amplifying the readout signal while adding the minimum amount of noise required by quantum mechanics, and custom control electronics, which provide us with the capability of fast decision and control.