IEEE Trans Electromagn Compat

Fast EMI analysis via transverse partitioning and waveform relaxation

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High-speed interconnects are increasingly becoming susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI). Hence, there is a growing need for fast simulation of interconnect lines in the presence of incident field coupling using circuit simulators such as SPICE. However, the presence of a large number of coupled lines in modern interconnect structures is a serious limiting factor in these simulations. In order to simultaneously address these difficulties, a new algorithm is presented in this paper for EMI analysis of large number of coupled interconnects. The new method exploits the recently developed waveform relaxation (WR) and transverse partitioning algorithms for fast EMI analysis. The same WR sources that are computed for multiconductor transmission line analysis are also employed for EMI analysis. The computational complexity of the proposed EMI analysis grows only linearly with the number of lines. In addition, the algorithm lends itself to parallel implementation leading to further reduction in CPU time. © 2009 IEEE.