Physical Review Letters

Experimental Demonstration of a Resonator-Induced Phase Gate in a Multiqubit Circuit-QED System

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The resonator-induced phase (RIP) gate is an all-microwave multiqubit entangling gate that allows a high degree of flexibility in qubit frequencies, making it attractive for quantum operations in large-scale architectures. We experimentally realize the RIP gate with four superconducting qubits in a three-dimensional circuit-QED architecture, demonstrating high-fidelity controlled-z (cz) gates between all possible pairs of qubits from two different 4-qubit devices in pair subspaces. These qubits are arranged within a wide range of frequency detunings, up to as large as 1.8 GHz. We further show a dynamical multiqubit refocusing scheme in order to isolate out 2-qubit interactions, and combine them to generate a 4-qubit Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger state.