Physical Review B

Excitation spectrum of the ferromagnetic Ising-Heisenberg chain at zero field

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The excitation spectrum of the ferromagnetic s=12 Ising-Heisenberg chain as probed by dynamic form factors is studied. Exact results are presented for zero temperature, and the modifications introduced by thermally induced transitions are elucidated by finite-chain calculations. A particularly interesting result is the occurrence of a thermally induced resonance around zero frequency for an Ising-like model. Its origin is traced back to transitions involving magnon bound states. The resonance structure of the dynamic form factors associated with a Heisenberg-like system turns out to be less spectacular, because the contributions of different induced transitions nearly overlap on the frequency scale; so that rather broad resonance structures result. Our findings have an important bearing on related models with s>12, such as CsNiF3, and on the soliton aspect of the classically treated systems. © 1982 The American Physical Society.


01 Apr 1982


Physical Review B