APS March Meeting 2023

Error suppression and error mitigation using Qiskit Runtime

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State of the art quantum computers are noisy in every possible way, which threatens out ability to produce meaningful results out of this nascent technology in the short term. Classical computing has a way of dealing with this sort of scenario which has been proven to work over decades of daily usage: error correction. Unfortunately, correcting quantum computations is not as straight forward as classical ones, and it requires either the baseline noise to be smaller than what is offered by current capabilities, or a vast amount of physical qubits. Fortunately, we know of an interim solution to this problem: error suppression and error mitigation. Although this approach does not return a perfectly corrected solution, it can retrieve results that improve upon a direct computation by performing noisy calculations, extracting valuable information from them, and processing that information classically. In this talk I will explore my recent work on how these techniques can be studied using Qiskit, and how someone without detailed knowledge of them can leverage the Qiskit Runtime framework, through the new and revolutionary Primitives construct, for seamlessly improving present calculations.


05 Mar 2023


APS March Meeting 2023