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EPR Observation of an Au‐Fe Complex in Silicon: I. Experimental Data

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After quenching of Au‐doped FZ silicon an anisotropic axially symmetric EPR spectrum is observed. The spectrum exhibits a hyperfine interaction with 197Au nuclei (I = ½). In samples which were intentionally doped with isotopically enriched 57Fe (I = ½) an additional hyperfine interaction with this nucleus is observed. Due to the large nuclear electric quadrupole moment of 107Au the nuclear quadrupole interaction strongly influences the EPR spectrum. From this effect a lower limit for the quadrupole interaction can be derived by a computer diagonalization of the spin Hamiltonian. From the observed hyperfine interactions and the known properties of Fe and Au in silicon it is concluded that this spectrum originates from a [AusFei] complex. Copyright © 1981 WILEY‐VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA