ICCAD 2013
Conference paper

Efficient PVT independent abstraction of large IP blocks for hierarchical power analysis

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We introduce a generalized, efficient, and accurate power abstraction model and generation techniques for complex IP blocks. This is based on the contributor based power modeling concept, which exploits the nature of power consuming components in a design being inherently separable. The generated power abstraction is Process, Voltage and Temperature (PVT) independent, thus enabling very efficient hierarchical power analysis. Our approach constitutes the industry's first design methodology to automatically generate PVT independent contributor based abstracts. We also describe extensions to the power contributor concept to model dynamic power. Extensive analysis and results on real industry designs to study the accuracy impacts of abstraction as a function of design types and sizes are presented. We also present model to hardware correlation experiments demonstrating the application of this abstraction based methodology on the IBM Power7+ server microprocessor chip. © 2013 IEEE.