IEEE Electron Device Letters

Effect of uniaxial strain on the drain current of a heterojunction tunneling field-effect transistor

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The electrical characteristics of a heterojunction tunneling field-effect transistor (HETT), with a p-type Si0.75Ge0.25 source, have been measured as a function of strain. HETTs with channel transport and applied strain both in the [110] direction show a smooth monotonic change in drain current over a range of 0.09% compressive to 0.13% tensile strain. A measure γ = (d/d ln JD)(d ln JD/ds) s = 0 of the effect of strain s on tunneling current JD is proposed, which captures the dependence of the tunneling exponential argument on strain. An experimental value of γ = - 11.7 is extracted for the tensile case and compared to simulation results. We found theoretically that the value and sign of γ depend sensitively on the built-in strain at the SiSiGe interface. © 2011 IEEE.