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EAS-E: An Integrated Approach to Application Development

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EAS-E (pronounced EASY) is an experimental programming language integrated with a database management system now running on VM/370 at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center. The EAS-E programming language is built around the entity, attribute, and set (EAS) view of application development. It provides a means for translating operations on EAS structures directly into executable code. EAS-E commands have an English-like syntax, and thus EAS-E programs are easy to read and understand. EAS-E programs are also more compact than equivalent programs in other database languages.The EAS-E database management system allows many users simultaneous access to the database. It supports locking and deadlock detection and is capable of efficiently supporting network databases of various sizes including very large databases, consisting of several millions of entities stored on multiple DASD extends. Also available is a nonprocedural facility that allows a user to browse and update the database without writing programs. © 1983, ACM. All rights reserved.


01 Dec 1983


ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS)