Journal of Cloud Computing

DRMaestro: orchestrating disaggregated resources on virtualized data-centers

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Modern applications demand resources at an unprecedented level. In this sense, data-centers are required to scale efficiently to cope with such demand. Resource disaggregation has the potential to improve resource-efficiency by allowing the deployment of workloads in more flexible ways. Therefore, the industry is shifting towards disaggregated architectures, which enables new ways to structure hardware resources in data centers. However, determining the best performing resource provisioning is a complicated task. The optimality of resource allocation in a disaggregated data center depends on its topology and the workload collocation. This paper presents DRMaestro, a framework to orchestrate disaggregated resources transparently from the applications. DRMaestro uses a novel flow-network model to determine the optimal placement in multiple phases while employing best-efforts on preventing workload performance interference. We first evaluate the impact of disaggregation regarding the additional network requirements under higher network load. The results show that for some applications the impact is minimal, but other ones can suffer up to 80% slowdown in the data transfer part. After that, we evaluate DRMaestro via a real prototype on Kubernetes and a trace-driven simulation. The results show that DRMaestro can reduce the total job makespan with a speedup of up to ≈1.20x and decrease the QoS violation up to ≈2.64x comparing with another orchestrator that does not support resource disaggregation.