Physical Review B

Determination of conduction-band states in GaAs(110), InP(110), and InAs(110)

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Angle-resolved constant-initial-state spectroscopy (ARCIS) from the valence-band maximum as initial state was used to determine conduction-band energies at the Γ point for GaAs, InP, and InAs. With the help of nonlocal empirical-pseudopotential (EPM) calculations structure in the ARCIS spectra up to 20 eV could be assigned to particular interband transitions. A group of transitions around 26 eV is derived from the pseudopotential split (220)-umklapp process at the Brillouin-zone center. Above 30 eV there appears to be no correspondence between conduction-band states as calculated in the EPM framework and structure in the spectra. Autoionizing resonances due to surface core excitons have been observed. From their energies surface-core-exciton binding energies in the range 0.5-1.5 eV have been determined for the three compounds. © 1993 The American Physical Society.