VLDB 2007
Conference paper

Damia - A data mashup fabric for intranet applications


Damia is a lightweight enterprise data integration service where line of business users can create and catalog high value data feeds for consumption by situational applications. Damia is inspired by the Web 2.0 mashup phenomenon. It consists of (1) a browser-based user-interface that allows for the specification of data mashups as data flow graphs using a set of operators, (2) a server with an execution engine, as well as (3) APIs for searching, debugging, executing and managing mashups. Damia offers a framework and functionality for dynamic entity resolution, streaming and other higher value features particularly important in the enterprise domain. Damia is currently in perpetual beta in the IBM Intranet. In this demonstration, we showcase the creation and execution of several enterprise data mashups, thereby illustrating the architecture and features of the overall Damia system.