IEDM 2009
Conference paper

Competitive and cost effective high-k based 28nm CMOS technology for low power applications

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In this paper, we present a cost-effective 28nm CMOS technology for low power (LP) applications based on a high-k, single-metal-gate-first architecture. We report raw gate densities up to 4200 kGate/mm2, and, using the ARM Cortex-R4F as a reference, we report achievement of an overall 2.4x area reduction in 28nm from 45nm technology. Our high-density SRAM bit-cell (area= 0.120mm2) has a demonstrated Static Noise Margin (SNM) of 213mV at 1V. Fully compatible with power/leakage management techniques intensively used in low power designs, the transistor drive currents are increased +35% & +10%, for nFET and pFET respectively, with respect to a 28nm LP poly/SiON reference [3]. Compatible with LP system-on-chip requirements, ultra low-cost, high performance analog devices are reported which leverage a dramatic improvement in matching factor (AVT∼ versus our previously-reported result [2]. An optimized interconnection scheme based on Extreme Low k (ELK) dielectric (k∼2.4) and advanced metallization allows high density wiring with competitive R-C versus our previous technology. © 2009 IEEE.