CMOS-Compatible self-aligned In0.53Ga0.47As MOSFETs with gate lengths down to 30 nm

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We demonstrate self-aligned fully-depleted 20-nm-thick In0.53Ga0.47As-channel MOSFETs using CMOS-compatible device structures and manufacturable process flows. These devices consist of self-aligned source/drain extensions and self-aligned raised source/drain with low sheet resistance of 360 and (115Ω) respectively. We demonstrate short-channel MOSFETs with gate lengths (LG) down to 30 nm, low series resistance (REXT=375 Ω μ m, and high peak saturation transconductance GMSAT=1275 μ) S(μ) m at (LG=50\) nm and drain bias (VDS=0.5\) V. We obtain long-channel capacitive inversion thickness TINV= 2.3\) nm and effective mobility μ EFF=650\) cm 2Big Vs at sheet carrier density (NS= 5 \times 1012) cm -2). Finally, using a calibrated quasi-ballistic FET model, we argue that for (LG≤ 20) nm, μEFF1000 cm2)/Vs will lead to short-channel MOSFETs operating within 10% of the ballistic limit. Thus, our III-V processes and device structures are well-suited for future generations of high-performance CMOS applications at short gate lengths and tight gate pitches.