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Cluster system management

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Cluster system management (CSM) was co-designed with the Department of Energy Labs to provide the support necessary to effectively manage the Summit and Sierra supercomputers. The CSM system administration tools provide a unified view of a large-scale cluster and the ability to examine and understand data from multiple sources. CSM consists of five components: 1) application programming interfaces (APIs) and infrastructure; 2) Big Data Store; 3) support for reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS); 4) Diagnostic and Health Check; and 5) support for job management. APIs and infrastructure provide lightweight daemons for compute nodes, hardware and software inventory collection, job accounting, and RAS. Logs, environmental data, and performance data are collected in the Big Data Store for analysis. RAS events can trigger corrective actions by CSM. Diagnostic and Health Check are provided through a diagnostic framework and test results collection. To support job management, CSM coordinates with the Job Step Manager to provide an overlay network of JSM daemons. CSM is an open source and available at Documentation can be found at


01 May 2020


IBM J. Res. Dev