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Case study on the feasibility of renewable integration in the Temburong Island of Brunei

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In this paper, we present a case study of the economic prospects of having renewable integration with storage in the district of Temburong in Brunei. Temburong has a microgrid consisting of diesel generators (DGs) with a peak demand in excess of 6 MW. It is forecasted that the peak load will be more than 10 MW by 2020. The inherent advantages of renewable energy motivates us to study the use of available renewable energy resources to meet the 2020 load demand. We present the economic viability of having different combinations of renewables along with storage in such a setting. We show that the cost of energy (COE) is lower when we have only renewables. However, for higher operating reserves, it is preferable to have an extra DG at the cost of marginal increase in the COE.