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Carbon based graphene nanoelectronics technologies

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Graphene, a two-dimensional carbon form with the highest intrinsic carrier mobility and many desirable physical properties at room temperature, is considered a promising material for ultrahigh speed and low power devices with the possibility of strong scaling potential due to the ultra-thin body. (Fig. 1) [1-3] Here IBM reports progress in graphene nanoelectronics, synthesizing wafer-scale monolayer-controlled graphene and fabricating high-speed single atomic layer graphene FETs (GFET) with the highest value reported cut-off frequency (fT) 50 GHz, exceeding that of the same gate length Si FETs. It is achieved by improving gate oxide deposition and reducing series resistance. Systematic characterization and smallsignal models enable further engineering and optimization for even higher performance. The high I on/Ioff ratios from bi-layer graphene suggest potential not only for analog but also for logic applications. © 2010 IEEE.