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Building high-performance applications and services in Java: An experiential study

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Java is the programming language of choice for dynamic content on the hternet The language's popularity has arisen from its portability, ease-of- A ad integration with HThE.. Java is used to enable animation on Web pages, to dynamically select and format Web page content at IV& sxvers, and to provide clientside user input checking as a iiunt-end to tmnsaUion-orieuti applications. However, with a few exceptionsJ, ava has not beenu sedt o developa pplicatioasa nd serverst hat demandh igh performanceo r throughpnt In this paper, we desxii techniques for improving the performance of Java code and enabling the development of high-throughput appkations and servers. We show that Java code can be easiIy optimki to achieve performance that is comparable with that of tmditional languages such as C or C+i. We base these resuks on oar experience in developing the Inverse @n&active Universe) server in Java. Our resolts apply to Sun's Java class library and virtual machine, but other implementationsm ay exhibit otherp erformancec hamctedstics.