SPIE Photonics West 1998
Conference paper

Building bridges between human vision and electronic imaging: A ten year retrospective

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The Conference on Human Vision and Electronic Imaging had its origins as three sessions in the 1988 SPIE/SPSE Symposium on Electronic Imaging Devices and Systems. These sessions brought together visual psychophysicists and imaging scientists and engineers to explore the relevance of human vision to the design of imaging systems. In the early years of the conference, the focus was on display technology and low-level image coding and rendering. The scope of the conference has grown with the evolution of electronic imaging technology, and the conference today includes papers on visualization, machine vision, digital image libraries, and art. Over the years, the conference has become more focused on truly integrating perception and engineering. We have been proud to see how our community has applied knowledge of perceptual systems to create novel engineering designs, and how knowledge of engineering challenges has led to the identification of novel directions for vision research. This paper will examine the progress of this multidisciplinary fie'd as seen through the lens of this conference, and will speculate on where we are headed.