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Bootstrapping Dialog Models from Human to Human Conversation Logs

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State-of-the-art commercial dialog platforms provide powerful tools to build a conversational agent. These platforms provide complete control to the dialog design er to model user-agent interactions. However, a dialog designer needs to rely on domain experts to manually build the dialog model – by creating dialog flow nodes and modeling user intents. This process is laborious, time consuming and expensive and does not allow the designer to exploit human to human conversation logs effectively. In this work, we present a research prototype that can ingest human-to-human conversation logs between an end-user and an agent, and suggest user-intents and agent-responses, given a conversation context. We utilize human to human conversation logs to build two emulators: user and agent. An agent emulator models an agent response given the conversation context so far, and a user emulator outputs possible user responses. Our system is able to recommend conversational intents as well as conversation flow using emulators based on real-world data, thus making the process of designing a bot more efficient. To the best our knowledge this is the first system that enables data-driven dialog model creation by emulating users and agents.


02 Feb 2021


AAAI 2021