ECS Meeting 2009
Conference paper

Atomic layer deposition of materials for phase-change memories

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Germanium antimony telluride (GST) materials and precursors for gas-phase thin film deposition are briefly reviewed. In the experimental part we show that alkylsilyls of tellurium can be used as tellurium precursors in plasma-free atomic layer deposition (ALD). Compounds with a general formula (R 3Si)2 react with various metal halides producing metal telluride thin films. Sb2Te3, GeTe and GST films can be deposited by ALD at temperatures below 100 °C using (Et3Si) 2Te, SbCl3 and GeCl2C4H 802 as precursors. All three precursors exhibit a typical saturative ALD growth behaviour in binary telluride processes. When processing ternary materials some non-ideal behaviour exist but by adjusting the exposure times and ratio of the binary cycles Ge-Te and Sb-Te, the GST composition could be controlled. The ternary films are amorphous as-deposited and crystallize at 130 °C in the cubic structure, and at around 250-300 °C the stable hexagonal phase is formed. Phase change behavior of the ALD GST films was studied using a static laser tester and found to be similar to sputter deposited films. © The Electrochemical Society.