AAAI 2023

AI for Credible Elections: A Call to Action with Trusted AI


We invite papers that describe innovative use of AI technology or techniques in election processes. The workshop is intended to provide a forum for discussing new approaches and challenges in building AI that people trust and use for critical applications that power society – conducting elections, and for exchanging ideas about how to move the area forward. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have transformed modern society. It also impacts how elections are conducted in democracies, with mixed outcomes. For example, digital marketing campaigns have enabled candidates to connect with voters at scale and communicate remotely during COVID-19, but there remains widespread concern about the spread of election disinformation as the result of AI-enabled bots and aggressive strategies. In response, we conducted the first workshop at Neurips 2021 to examine the challenges of credible elections globally in an academic setting with apolitical discussion of significant issues. The speakers, panels and reviewed papers discussed current and best practices in holding elections, tools available for candidates and the experience of voters. They highlighted gaps and experience regarding AI-based interventions and methodologies. To ground the discussion, the invited speakers and panelists were drawn from three International geographies: US – representing one of the world’s oldest democracies; India – representing the largest democracy in the world; and Estonia – representing a country using digital technologies extensively during elections and as a facet of daily life. The workshop had contributions on all technological and methodological aspects of elections and voting.