ICLR 2024
Conference paper

Adversarial Attacks on Fairness of Graph Neural Networks

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Fairness-aware graph neural networks (GNNs) have gained a surge of attention as they can reduce the bias of predictions on any demographic group (e.g., female) in graph-based applications. Although these methods greatly improve the algorithmic fairness of GNNs, the fairness can be easily corrupted by carefully designed adversarial attacks. In this paper, we investigate the problem of adversarial attacks on fairness of GNNs and propose G-FairAttack, a general framework for attacking various types of fairness-aware GNNs in terms of fairness with an unnoticeable effect on prediction utility. In addition, we propose a fast computation technique to reduce the time complexity of G-FairAttack. The experimental study demonstrates that G-FairAttack successfully corrupts the fairness of different types of GNNs while keeping the attack unnoticeable. Our study on fairness attacks sheds light on potential vulnerabilities in fairness-aware GNNs and guides further research on the robustness of GNNs in terms of fairness.