Computer Networks

Adding support for dynamic and focused search with Fetuccino

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This paper proposes two enhancements to existing search services over the Web. One enhancement is the addition of limited dynamic search around results provided by regular Web search services, in order to correct part of the discrepancy between the actual Web and its static image as stored in search repositories. The second enhancement is an experimental two-phase paradigm that allows the user to distinguish between a domain query and a focused query within the dynamically identified domain. We present Fetuccino, an extension of the Mapuccino system that implements these two enhancements. Fetuccino provides an enhanced user-interface for visualization of search results, including advanced graph layout, display of structural information and support for standards (such as XML). While Fetuccino has been implemented on top of existing search services, its features could easily be integrated into any search engine for better performance. A light version of Fetuccino is available on the Internet at