VLDB 2022
Conference paper

A Scalable AutoML Approach Based on Graph Neural Networks


AutoML systems build machine learning models automatically by performing a search over valid data transformations and learners, along with hyper-parameter optimization for each learner. Many AutoML systems use meta-learning to guide search for optimal pipelines. In this work, we present a novel meta-learning system called KGpip which, (1) builds a database of datasets and corresponding pipelines by mining thousands of scripts with program analysis, (2) uses dataset embeddings to find similar datasets in the database based on its content instead of metadata-based features, (3) models AutoML pipeline creation as a graph generation problem, to succinctly characterize the diverse pipelines seen for a single dataset. KGpip's meta-learning is a sub-component for AutoML systems. We demonstrate this by integrating KGpip with two AutoML systems. Our comprehensive evaluation using 121 datasets, including those used by the state-of-the-art systems, shows that KGpip significantly outperforms these systems.