CloudCom 2015
Conference paper

A novel cloud-based crowd sensing approach to context-aware music mood-mapping for drivers

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Millions of people are severely injured or killed in road accidents every year and most of these accidents are caused by human error. Fatigue and negative emotions such as anger adversely affect driver performance, thereby increasing the risk involved in driving. Research has shown that listening to the right kind of music in these situations can ameliorate driver performance and improve road safety. Context-aware music delivery systems succeed in delivering suitable music according to the situation through the process of music mood-mapping which identifies the mood of a song. Additionally, we can leverage the power of the cloud to enable crowd sensing of the mood-mapping of various songs and enhance the effectiveness of situation-aware music delivery for drivers. The cloud can be used to aggregate the crowd sensed music mood-mapping data and improve the effectiveness of music delivery by providing accurate mood-mappings from the aggregated data. Currently, context-aware music delivery systems consider only features from the song for music mood-mapping. In this paper, we propose a novel approach to music mood-mapping for drivers which also incorporates the social context of a driver including age, gender and cultural background to enhance the effectiveness of music delivery in context-aware music recommendation systems for drivers.