MSR 2013
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A network of rails: A graph dataset of ruby on rails and associated projects

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Software projects, whether open source, proprietary, or a combination thereof, rarely exist in isolation. Rather, most projects build on a network of people and ideas from dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of other projects. Using the GitHub APIs it is possible to extract these relationships for millions of users and projects. In this paper we present a dataset of a large network of open source projects centered around Ruby on Rails. This dataset provides insight into the relationships between Ruby on Rails and an ecosystem involving 1116 projects. To facilitate understanding of this data in the context of relationships between projects, users, and their activities, it is provided as a graph database suitable for assessing network properties of the community and individuals within those communities and can be found at pridkett/gitminer-data-rails. © 2013 IEEE.


09 Dec 2013


MSR 2013