Journal of Lightwave Technology

A High-Density, Four-Channel, OEIC Transceiver Module Utilizing Planar-Processed Optical Waveguides and Flip-Chip, Solder-Bump Technology

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An optoelectronic transceiver module is described consisting of a four-channel AlGaAs integrated laser/monitor transmitter and a four-channel GaAs MESFET integrated detector/preamp receiver. The optoelectronic chips are flip-chip, solder-bump bonded to a substrate containing electrical wiring and planar-processed optical waveguides. The optical waveguide layer serves two purposes: The routing of optical signals, as well providing mechanical registrations for the optoelectronic chips and fiber-optic ribbon connector. The work described here demonstrates one approach to high-density, optoelectronic array packaging compatible with existing high-performance electronic packaging technology. © 1994 IEEE.