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A 45nm low power bulk technology featuring carbon co-implantation and laser anneal on 45°-rotated substrate

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This paper presents a cost-effective low power 45nm bulk technology platform, primarily designed to serve the wireless multimedia and consumer electronics need. This technology platform features carbon co-IIP in the nMOS halo, laser annealing scheme, stress liner on the 45°-rotated wafer (<100>) for process simplicity to achieve high device performance and low leakage together. Drive current as high as 650/320 uA/um at Ioff of 0.5 nA/um with Vdd=l.lV has been achieved for both NMOS and PMOS respectively. Ring oscillator speed (FO=l) has been boosted up by 30% with the device optimization. SRAM Vt mismatch is also improved by 10% with carbon co-IIP with good SRAM characteristics and low leakage current in 0.299 um 2 cell. © 2008 IEEE.