APMC 2022
Conference paper

A 24-30 GHz Power Amplifier with >20 dBm Psat and <0.1 dB AM-AM Distortion for 5G Applications


This paper presents a power amplifier (PA) designed as a part of a transceiver front-end fabricated in 0.13-µm SiGe BiCMOS. The PA shares its output antenna port with a low noise amplifier using a transmission/reception switch. The output matching network of the PA is designed to provide high output power, low AM-AM distortion, and uniform performance over frequencies in the range of 24.25-29.5 GHz. Measurements of the front-end in TX mode demonstrate peak S21 of 30.3 dB at 26.7 GHz, S21 3-dB bandwidth of 9.8 GHz from 22.2 to 32.0 GHz, and saturated output power (Psat) above 20 dBm with power-added efficiency (PAE) above 22% from 24 to 30 GHz. For a 64-QAM 400 MHz bandwidth OFDM signal, -25 dBc EVM is measured at an average output power of 12.3 dBm and average PAE of 8.8%. The PA achieves a competitive ITRS FoM of 92.9.