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4th IBM IEEE CAS/EDS AI Compute Symposium (AICS'21) [CAS in the World]

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The 4th IBM IEEE CAS/EDS AI Compute Symposium, known as (AICS'21), was held over two days (Oct 13-Oct 14, 2021). The event was very well attended and received great responses from the audience all over the world. The symposium was also an initiative supported by IBM Academy of Technology ( Dr. Joshi has been the main interface for CAS and EDS for organizing this successful event. This is the second time the event was organized as a virtual symposium. The audio/video presentation on this virtual platform went smoothly. More than 2400 viewers over two days, participation from 50 countries, over 54 student posters, best paper poster awards, excellent panel discussions, 11 distinguished speakers from industry and academia were the salient features of this symposium. There were more than 5200 views on the LinkedIn post about the symposium. The theme of the symposium was 'From Ground up to Cloud'. In short, the symposium covered a range of topics from device technology, to circuits, architecture, algorithms and sustainability-to make innovations for the cloud with an emphasis on green AI.


31 Dec 2021


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