MICRO 2023

2nd Workshop on Data Integrity and Secure Cloud Computing (DISCC)


Recent papers from Meta (Facebook) and Google have created a major concern about data integrity in large-scale computing in cloud data centers. The term “mercurial cores” has been coined to refer to errant processor cores that have been clearly diagnosed as being the source of generating silent data errors – and recent panels (as referred to above) have brought together experts from cloud service providers and processor chip designers with the objective of raising awareness of this acute problem, and also encouraging leading edge research to devise affordable chip and system-level mitigation solutions. In addition to such data integrity concerns, the rise of data security and privacy breaches in cloud computing environments has accelerated research and development of practical solutions that enable computing with encrypted data (e.g., advanced cryptographic methods like Fully Homomorphic Computing or FHE). This workshop (DISCC-2023) proposes to bring together aspects of data integrity and security in a single, unified forum. The workshop will comprise of a keynote speech (or two), several contributed papers and, time permitting, a closing panel session involving leading edge experts in data integrity and security in a hyper-scale cloud computing setting. Potential speakers are encouraged to submit an extended abstract (1-2 pages) highlighting the key contributions in the light of the above-stated technical scope of the problem. Solution approaches at the algorithm, software/firmware and/or hardware level are encouraged for early dissemination and discussion in a workshop setting. Papers dealing with testing (or detection, diagnosis) of silent data errors or of malicious data breaches are solicited. Similarly, cost-effective mitigation solutions are invited for presentation.