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193nm single layer resist materials: Total consideration on design, physical properties, and lithographic performances on all major alicyclic platform chemistries

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The objective of this report will be to clarify the maturity of the current 193 SLR materials. We are going to report on all major platform chemistries, i.e., (meth)acrylate system, ROMP system, cyclic olefin addition system, cyclic olefin/maleic anhydride system, vinyl ether/maleic anhydride system, and cyclyzed system at the same time. We are going to discuss maturity of each platform from several viewpoints such as polymerization process, physical properties of the resins, lithographic performances of the resists, and process latitude of the resists including etch performances. We are also referring to several critical issues such as etch resistance, surface roughness after etch, line slimming, etc. Three major platform chemistries, (meth)acrylate, COMA, and addition, are selected in order to cover the whole spectra of layer requirements. Those three systems respectively snow characteristics lithographic performances. © 2001 SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering.