MRS Spring Meeting 1999
Conference paper

12.1 inches SVGA wide viewing angle TFT-LCDS based on ridge and fringe-field structures


We have recently proposed the ridge and fringe-field multi-domain homeotropic (RFF-MH) mode for improving viewing angles of thin-film-transistor driven liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) panels (4). We also demonstrated that the RFF-MH structures are suitable for high resolution desk top TFT-LCD panels (5). In this paper we demonstrated that the RFF-MH method is also suitable for the high-end large-area notebook application since it provides wide viewing angles with a high optical transmission. The ridge structure is constructed on top of the indium tin oxide (ITO) layer of the color filter (CF) substrate, and can be fabricated during the color filter process. The cell process of the RFF-MH panel is compatible to the conventional TFT-LCD cell fabrication process. It requires one extra photolithographic step; however no rubbing treatment is required.