IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits

1-GHz fully pipelined 3.7-ns address access time 8 k × 1024 embedded synchronous DRAM macro

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This embedded-DRAM macro is designed as a DRAM cache for a future gigahertz microprocessor system based on a logic-based DRAM technology. The most notable feature of this macro is its ability to run synchronously with a gigahertz CPU clock in a fully pipelined fashion. It is designed to operate with a 1-GHz clock signal at 85°C, nominal process parameters, and a 10% degraded VDD. The design is fully pipelined and synchronous with 16 independent subarrays. With 1-kb wide I/O and a 1-GHz clock, the maximum data rate becomes 1 Tb per second. The address access time is 3.7 ns, four cycles with a 1-GHz clock. The subarray cycle time is 12 ns.