Medical Decision Support

Providing support to all stakeholders in the healthcare system to accelerate processes and shorten time to treatment


The Medical Decision Support group is all about providing support to all stakeholders in the healthcare system to accelerate processes and shorten time to treatment.


Our medical triage solution guides patients to the appropriate healthcare provider in a timely manner instead of simply checking for symptoms and making a possible diagnosis.


Our work on rare diseases supports medical staff in order to accelerate the differential diagnosis process.


Facilitating medical coding addresses major pain points of administrative staff by allowing them to focus on higher-quality tasks and transforming the invoicing of medical services between hospitals and insurances from a manual, cumbersome chore into an automated process with human supervision.

Process acceleration in healthcare

Solution 1: Cognitive medical triage

Decision support in healthcare is a major source of process optimization in the healthcare system. Decisions for stakeholders can be facilitated using cognitive technology. Our cognitive medical triage solution is not yet another symptom checker for patients. The interactive system requests information about the patient’s health status, ant then guides the patient to the appropriate care provider to obtain suitable medical care and support in a timely manner. This is a major differentiator because patients require the knowledge to seek medical help, not merely a diagnosis. The solution is so advanced that it is currently undergoing medical certification and production, and is imminently scheduled to be launched with a telemedicine provider.


Solution 2: Cognitive medical coding

Medical coding is currently a manual process. However, there is a lack of human resources with the required highly specialized skill set available on the market required. Our solution, which is based on natural language processing and knowledge graph technology, solves these issues by automating parts of the process. It augments the coder’s work, who can now focus on higher-quality tasks. Furthermore, it changes the healthcare ecosystem in the sense that invoicing will become an automatic transaction rather than a long manual process involving multiple parties. In this way, our solution contributes to creating resilient and sustainable healthcare systems.