Nirmit Desai


Nirmit Desai




Director, watsonx Data Engineering


IBM Research - Yorktown Heights Yorktown Heights, NY USA


Nirmit Desai leads watsonx Data Engineering globally with the mission of generating large-scale, high-quality, and enterprise-ready data for training and tuning watsonx AI models. Nirmit also drives IBM's Edge Computing research globally, spanning the full-stack edge computing capabilities from edge infrastructures and platforms to enabling data processing and AI at the edge. He derives much joy in making sense of technology trends and pondering about the future of computing.

Previously, he led the team that created the technology undelying the Flu risk predictions,  Mesh Network Alerts, and Simulcastr.

Over the 15+ year industry research career at IBM, he has worked on distributed computing, services computing, multi-agent systems, and AI. His work has been recognized with several awards, e.g., NCSU CoE Dissertation Award, INFORMS Innovation in Analytics Award, Best paper award at IEEE SCC, and Outstanding Technical Accomplishment Awards at IBM. In 2017, he was inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame of the Department of Computer Science at NCSU. 

Publications: See the DBLP listing or Google scholar.

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