Ingmar Meijer


Ingmar Meijer


Senior Technical Staff Member


IBM Research Europe - Zurich Zurich, Switzerland


Dr. Gerhard Ingmar Meijer is Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM Research – Zurich, Switzerland. His present focus is on Deep Search, an Artificial Intelligence scalable knowledge-ingestion platform.

Dr. Meijer received his Ph.D. degree in physics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, Switzerland, in 1999. He joined IBM Research – Zurich in 1999. He was responsible for the materials science aspects of the SiON optical waveguide technology. He then worked on novel memory / neuromorphic devices (Who wins the nonvolatile memory race? Science 319 (2008)). Dr. Meijer pioneered hot-water cooling for energy-efficient computing; a small-scale supercomputer (Aquasar) was built to explore this innovative cooling technology (Cooling energy-hungry data centers, Science 328 (2010)). He was the lead cooling-architect of the supercomputers SuperMUC Phase 1 and 2, Leibniz Rechenzentrum, Germany. Thereafter he used Machine Learning approaches to improve the energy efficiency of corporate datacenters.

Dr. Meijer holds 52 granted U.S. patents.




Top collaborators

Peter Staar

Peter Staar

Principal RSM; Master Inventor; Manager of `AI for Knowledge` group.
Patrick Ruch

Patrick Ruch

Senior Research Scientist, AI for Scientific Discovery