Dhaval Salwala


Dhaval Salwala




Research Engineer | ML and Extreme Scale Computing


IBM Research Europe - Ireland Dublin, Ireland


Dhaval Salwala is a Research Engineer at IBM Research Europe – Ireland. Currently, he is working on an H2020 project - MORE on the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) sector. He is working on time series forecasting and incremental machine learning. Previously, Dhaval worked in Multimedia Complex Event Processing in the Smart Cities and Sustainable IT group at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at NUI Galway. He owns a Master’s degree in Data Science from NUI Galway. Earlier, he was at Tata Consultancy Services, where he worked as a Senior Software Developer. Dhaval has 7+ years of diversified industry experience. He has led projects on developing ML solutions for multi-modal analytics using Computer Vision, Knowledge Graphs and Neuro Symbolic AI.