Aldrin Villarosa


Aldrin Villarosa


Process Delivery Specialist


IBM Research San Francisco, CA USA


I am an accomplished professional with over 7 years of successful experience in customer service and support. My strengths lie in account maintenance, problem-solving, troubleshooting, sales staff support, and implementing proactive procedures and systems to prevent issues. I possess solid computer skills and have an excellent working knowledge of both PC and Mac systems. I have a knack for training, motivating, and supervising customer service employees, and I'm often recognized for going above and beyond in my duties.

My journey in the corporate world began over a decade ago, and I've since made significant contributions in various roles:

Graphic Design Artist Freelance Aug 2022 - Present · 1 year 1 month I specialize in both traditional and digital graphic arts, with a particular focus on creating engaging designs. One of my notable projects includes the "Mad Maxx Rider Tee," a graphic I designed for a pro rider t-shirt.

Process Delivery Specialist IBM Jun 2017 - Present · 6 years 3 months San Ramon, CA In my role at IBM, I've been an integral part of the team, ensuring smooth process delivery. I'm committed to efficiency and excellence, contributing to the company's overall success.

Client Support Manager AT&T Jun 2012 - Jun 2017 · 5 years 1 month San Ramon, CA As a Client Support Manager at AT&T, I served as the single point of contact for all requests from sales partners and customers. I excelled in data gathering, research, pricing, contracts, billing, and migration/conversion support.

Service Representative Feb 2007 - Jan 2013 · 6 years In this role, I collaborated with sales professionals responsible for high-profile global accounts. I provided vital support in opening new accounts, upgrading services, and resolving customer challenges. My dedication to quality control and customer satisfaction drove my continuous improvement efforts.

Order Writer/Customer Service Representative SBC, Advanced Solutions Inc. Feb 2000 - Feb 2007 · 7 years 1 month During my time at SBC (now part of AT&T), I worked closely with sales professionals, contributing to the success of the company's annual revenue targets. I also provided project management support and served as a team lead and single point of contact.


AT&T University Telecommunications Technology/Technician 2015 - 2016 Las Positas College IP Networking Fundamentals 2000 Tracy High School 1994 - 1998 Throughout my career, I've demonstrated a commitment to excellence and continuous learning. I'm passionate about graphic arts, technology, and providing top-notch customer service. With a track record of achievements and a dedication to innovation, I'm excited to continue making meaningful contributions to the industry.