IBM Research India 25: Monthly Impact Talk Series

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India today is a powerhouse of innovation in Computer Science related disciplines, spanning across academic research, industry research, translation to applications, and scaling to the demographics of India and globally. IBM Research has had the privilege to be a key contributor in this research and industry ecosystem in India over the last 25 years as a driver for advancements in the state of the art, and as an engaged supporter of the research ecosystem in India. On this occasion of IBM Research's 25 years of presence in India, we at IBM Research India (IRL) are excited to facilitate a year long conversation on some research areas where IRL has made meaningful contributions. This conversation will be held in the form of monthly talks. Each monthly talk will explain some key innovations from IRL in an area, along with a sampling of key innovations from other eminent researchers and leaders in the country. It will explore the evolution of research problems in that area and emerging directions. These talks will be open to the broader Research Community in India.

Talk Details: See the monthly talk topics, abstracts, speakers and links to attend in the agenda below. New sessions will be added monthly.

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Sachindra Joshi

Distinguished Engineer
IBM Research


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    Abstract: Lack of Trust in AI is one of the major impediment towards large scale adoption. IBM Research has been at thefore front of developing algorithms, toolkits and systems to enable diverse stakeholders to infuse Trust in AI. In this talk,we will go over different pillars of Trust, their importance and associated tool kits.

    Mukul Joshi
    Program Director, IIT B Trust Labs
    IIT B Trust Labs

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