Towards Central Bank Digital Currencies: A Technology Perspective

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The financial industry is currently undergoing a remarkable transformation, marked by the growing trend of tokenizing digital and physical financial assets, including national currencies. However, while this transformation presents tremendous political and business implications, it also encounters technological barriers that hinder progress. These barriers primarily revolve around accomplishing individual and corporate privacy, regulatory compliance, and accountability within an interoperable, transparent, resilient, and high-performing, quantum-ready system.

The core focus of this workshop is to gain a comprehensive understanding of these challenges and the technological advancements available to overcome them. We will begin with an short refresher on the requirements and challenges presented in Central Bank Digital Currencies (wholesale and retail). To this end, IBM Consulting teams will share their lessons learned from the various CBDC experimentations they have been involved in. IBM Research will then present how the cutting-edge technology developed by IBM Research and joined by IBM products can overcome the stated barriers. For detailed information on the workshop agenda, please refer to the enclosed agenda.

About the Decentralized Trust team at IBM Research: The Decentralized Trust team is a global team of experts specializing in distributed systems, security and applied cryptography. They have been instrumental in shaping the architecture of Hyperledger Fabric, the pioneering permissioned Distributed Ledger Technology, which is now an open-source project under the Linux Foundation. In the more recent years, the team have worked closely with the global IBM consulting teams and domain experts to tackle industry challenges related to transparent management of tokenized enterprise assets and identity.

Logistics: Attendance at this event is completely free of charge and by invitation only. The workshop will be offered in two time-slots to accommodate the time-zones of all interested participants.


26 October 2023 - 15:00 to 17:30 CET

27 October 2023 - 09:00 to 11:30 CET

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