WWW 2021
Conference paper

Wait, let's think about your purchase again: A study on interventions for supporting self-controlled online purchases

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As online marketplaces adopt new technologies to encourage consumers' purchases (e.g., one-click purchases), the number of consumers who impulsively buy products also increases. Although some interventions have been introduced for consumers' self-controlled purchases, there have been few studies that evaluate the effectiveness of the techniques in the real environment. In this paper, we conducted an online survey with 118 consumers in their 20s to investigate their impulse buying behaviors and self-control strategies. Based on the survey results and literature surveys, we developed interventions that can assist consumers in controlling their online purchase habits, including Reflection, Distraction, Desire Reduction, and Salient Cost. For evaluation, we enrolled 107 participants in a user study on a real-world e-commerce site. The results indicate that all interventions were effective in reducing impulse buying urges, with variations in user experiences. Our findings and design implications are discussed.