Nature Communications

Virtual-photon-mediated spin-qubit–transmon coupling

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Spin qubits and superconducting qubits are among the promising candidates for realizing a solid state quantum computer. For the implementation of a hybrid architecture which can profit from the advantages of either approach, a coherent link is necessary that integrates and controllably couples both qubit types on the same chip over a distance that is several orders of magnitude longer than the physical size of the spin qubit. We realize such a link with a frequency-tunable high impedance SQUID array resonator. The spin qubit is a resonant exchange qubit hosted in a GaAs triple quantum dot. It can be operated at zero magnetic field, allowing it to coexist with superconducting qubits on the same chip. We spectroscopically observe coherent interaction between the resonant exchange qubit and a transmon qubit in both resonant and dispersive regimes, where the interaction is mediated either by real or virtual resonator photons.