MRS Spring 2007
Conference paper

Understanding mask-edge and trench-edge defects produced during solid phase epitaxy of amorphized regions in (001) and (Oil) Si: Observations and model


The strongly anisotropic effect of strain on the performance of Si-based field effect transistors has led to increased interest in both alternative channel alignments and alternative wafer surface orientations. Consequently it is becoming increasingly important to understand how crystal orientation and feature alignment affect the mask-edge and trench-edge defect structures produced when patterned regions of amorphized Si recrystallize. After a brief review of mask-edge and trench-edge defect structures observed in (001) and (011) Si (in both single-orientation and hybrid-orientation direct-silicon- bonded wafers) we will describe a simple model for macroscopic facet formation that explains nearly all of the observations. © 2007 Materials Research Society.